Musikfest trashed my Souvlaki


Every year I look forward to going to St Georges Greek Festival. In prior years, they held it at their Bethlehem church social hall. There was a wide variety of home cooked greek food. Nothing could be better, we even bought some and brought it home for later dinners. This year, they put up the Celtic fest tents a week early and St Georges used the tents downtown to have their festival.

Well, there was one booth of baked goods from the church and a few items… the musikfest beer truck, cigar vendor, RCN, hot dog/hamburger stand, and 2 gyro stores hawking food. There was a stage, but in the saturday afternoon hour I was there, it was loud greek music over the PA system, and a token Greek handbag booth.

To add insult to injury, everything was the currency of musikfest, those damn tickets and prices.

$7 for Kronos factory gyro. $4 beers, $4 for 4 pierogies. (greek ones?)

to be fair the desserts were from the church.

Never again, unless its back at the church.

The Russian Days Festival at St. Nicholas are the Russian equivalent, and it was equally as wonderful as the Greek was before this year. I hope they don’t follow suit.

Later, I went to the Market St block festival. Which is where I should have gone in the first place.

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India Spice in Whitehall, PA great!


My first visit here was a year ago right after going to Chennai India for work. In Chennai, I ate well and ate street food and was introduced to various cool things like Puri (big inflatble naan) at a big fair, sort of like funnel cake except with the drama of a big bread baloon. So my local Indian friends were all telling me they were going to India Spice for family dinners, and I took the hint.

This is almost home cooked Hyderabad food, the appetizer and main menu is long and a good read, of course they had Puri, goat, lamb and pages of intriguing mains. We had Puri, an appetizer sampler with various excellent fritters, tandoori chicken for the boy, Chicken Kashmir, and old standard lamb byriani. All was excellent, very fresh and obviously hot off the oven/grill/fryer.

You can tell a subtle difference between typical Indian resturants and this region of cooking in the selection and even the textures and spices, which makes it more enjoyable too.

The prices are very reasonable, its BYOB and they have an outdoor patio.

Did I mention the quite excellent lounge lizard? They had a local guy doing on his Casio doing standards (I just called to say I love you),  very talented, even with a little trumpet as he riffed on the casio. I swear he did a few of the standards in Hindi, or maybe it was the merlot.

Its located at  2407 Mickley Ave
Whitehall, PA 18052

and they have a website…

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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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Cafe 29

emmaus.jpg   There is a new restaraunt to check out over in Emmaus. I had my first taste of their food 2 days ago and it was amazing. Cafe 29 is it’s name and it is located in the shopping center on Chesnut St.(Rt. 29) at the south end of Emmaus across from the Weiss Market. They are open for breakfast and lunch for eat-in or take-out. Seating is limited. Their food is very creative and health conscious. I had a variety of wrap sandwiches with interesting combinations of unusuall fillings, a salad with dried fruits and nuts and a wonderful citrus vinegrette and chocolate cocconut brownies to die for. Highly recommended and can’t wait to see their entire menu and sample my way through it. Thanks to my Pfizer rep for turning me on to this place. Cool web site – you never cease to amaze me.

Comment by Dave Edmonds | February 14, 2007

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If Salvador Dali had been an electronic music producer

pleqq.gif pleqq (a.k.a., Dan T.) is an Argentinean born, Los Angeles-based producer cast from the indie electro-dance-rock scene whose music defies conventional categorization by bridging a multiform musical extraction with the visceral and textural elements of electronica’s calculated freedom. 

Besides that, he also was my best man. Check it out, if you were a synthesizer freak at any point, you will appreciate what decades of pitch-timbre loudness patch cord compulsion can do. BTW: His SO is an expert on glow worms, seriously.

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The Dave Roth Trio

roth_trio_cropped_web.jpg  My friend Dave Roth is an amazing Jazz talent. He is putting his skin in the LV music game scene to revive Jazz in the valley. Back in the day we had the 2nd ave cafe. The Deer Head Inn crowd has been coming down, playing with Dave and others and rebirthing the Jazz that Phil Wood and friends started in the Poconos last century.

Thanks to The Cafe and the Springtown Inn … and others for bringing these artists in.

 Please go out and patronize these establishments and help Jazz thrive in the valley! This is NE PA Jazz. Born and raised here. Uniquely American and Pennsylvanian.

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zerns.jpg On the edge of Amish county, smoked meat factory land and metro NW PHL is Zerns Flea Market. Definately local. good vendors for roast nuts, spice, pork, candy, seafood, baked goods. The normal vacuum repair, used computers, camoflage and biker clothes, sneakers, french fries and my favorite… the sock man. The best socks I’ve ever owned. His wife has a stall in the Q-mart, not a single sock on my size 13 feed every developed a hole or issue. Can’t say that about socks I’ve bought at Nordstroms or in several international cities.

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